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The Car Buyers Toolkit

Whenever you are considering getting a new car, you should be sure to bring all of the information that will help you to get the best deal you can.

This will all be included in your “folder”. Here is a list of all of the information that you will want to include in your folder.

- A copy of your credit report from www.Truecredit.com

- New car purchase prices for the cars that you are considering from www.autousa.com

- Accurate pricing data, rebates, tips and incentive from www.FightingChance.com

- Credit pre-approval in writing from www.e-loan.com

- Insurance quote that cover the coverage that you want on your loan

- Used car blue book that has used car information and market values

- Extended warranty quotes from www.warrantydirect.com

- Current loan rates that are in your local paper

Bringing all this information with you will literally cut the legs out from under the dealer. It shows that you are one step above the various scams that you will encounter.



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