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Getting A Car Loan To Finance Your New Car Purchase

If you really want or need a new car, but you don’t have the capital up front you can consider taking out a loan especially for the purchase of your car. There are many different financial companies that specialise in issuing car loans specifically for the purchase of automobiles.

Often, this type of loan for the purchase of a car is known as an “unsecured car loan” and you can search for specialist companies online that provide them. A good car loan company should be able to give you an instant free quote, and many of these companies will provide between 90% to 100% of the purchase value of the car.

Typically the car loan is repaid over a period of three to eight years – five being the most popular. What’s particularly interesting is that even people with poor credit or CCJ are eligible to take out an unsecured car loan.

As always, it’s good to visit as many car loan online websites as you can – many online websites will offer you a free quote for your car loan, and it’s a good idea to get as many of these as you can prior to making a final choice.



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